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Healthy Diet Cookie

How The Cookie Diet works:

Slender Crunch Diet Cookie

Here’s How the Potato Extract Works!

When ingested, the potato extract triggers the body’s natural release of cholecystokinin (CCK), which is the natural signaling peptide within the body. Slender Crunch promotes the release of CCK helping you feel full sooner and longer.

Thereafter, when you eat a meal, the interaction of food with certain cells lining the small intestine causes the release of the hormone CCK into the bloodstream. Once released, CCK acts on various target organs, including the pancreas, brain, stomach and gallbladder. CCK stimulates the pancreas to release enzymes for protein and carbohydrate digestion.

CCK also stimulates the gallbladder to release bile for fat digestion. Additionally, CCK acts on the stomach and brain to induce feelings of fullness. Again, all these events occur naturally when eating a meal.

One of the primary reasons those who want to lose weight quit their efforts is that they feel too hungry. The potato extract helps eliminate that reason by providing satiety. When one feels satisfied, there is less hunger and less chance of over-eating. The potato extract helps people feel satisfied sooner and longer. Therefore, they can manage their hunger and reduce their intake of calories by consuming smaller portions. They can also better control their between meal unhealthy snacking. Reducing the intake of calories without hunger helps people meet their weight-loss goals.

When taken as directed, eating the all-natural potato extract found in the delicious, anti-aging, organic Slender Crunch cookie can result in significant weight loss and reductions in waist and hip measurements.

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• Cookies keep you feeling full on low calories.

What’s more easy or convenient than grabbing a 
Slender Crunch and losing weight?